Company Profile

    Zhejiang Saisi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Jiaxing Science and Technology City, Zhejiang Province. Its R & D and sales center is located in CBD business district, Beijing, with Nanjing Branch, Wuhan and Shenzhen R & D branch. Zhejiang Saisi is a hightech enterprise introduced by Zhejiang provincial government and an innovative enterprise supported by the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China. At the same time, it has obtained strategic investment from many wellknown domestic investment institutions, such as yingfutec, Zhongke chuangstar, Huarui, Ruixin, etc.

    Saisi enjoys the stateowned assets stock investment, with a registered capital of 128 million yuan. The headquarter covers an area of more than 20 mu. It has nearly 20000 square meters of R & D and office space, introduces advanced international communication design and manufacturing technology, and its   core team from the world's outstanding time-frequency equipment company.

    Saisi has many years of design and development experience in time-frequency field, focusing on the development, production and sales of time-frequency system products and solutions, providing various time and frequency benchmarks for various industries. At present, it involves communication, electric power, rail transit, finance and commerce, medical treatment, scientific research institutions and other industries.

         saisi  is a supplier of time synchronization equipment / solutions for more than 100 national major projects. It has provided time-frequency products for the Ministry of finance, the State Administration of post, China Ocean Technology Center, State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, PetroChina, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and other major national projects, as well as metro projects in more than 10 provinces and cities including Beijing Metro and Guangzhou Metro And Solutions

         with strong comprehensive strength in time-frequency field, Saisi won the national championship of electronic information industry in the 8th China Innovation and entrepreneurship competition in 2019.

         since the establishment of Seth, the concept of "leading time-frequency intelligent manufacturing, creating a precise world together" has been implemented all the time. In the future, Saisi will continue to forge ahead, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, adhere to social needs, constantly optimize and improve product services, and strive to make more contributions to the country and society.

    Our strengths
    Customer praise
    High quality customer group
    intellectual property right
    R & D technology team
    Strong comprehensive strength

    · The registered capital is 128.54 million yuan.

    · Nearly 20000 square meters of R & D and office space, hundreds of R & D and technical teams;

    · Marketing network all over the country;

    · Products are serialized and diversified (NTP / PTP time server, bits, all kinds of slave clocks, time service cards / modules, time system, frequency benchmark, etc.);

    Industry wide application

    · The domestic time-frequency integration (IEEE1588) commercial synchronization network - Inner Mongolia Unicom backbone network time synchronization system has been built;

    · Business case of IEEE 1588 clock synchronization solution for LTE network of global rail transit - IEEE 1588 clock synchronization solution for lte-m of Wuhan Metro Line 6 carrying CBTC application;

    · Construction of the State Grid Corporation, China Southern Power Grid Corporation, Belarus State Grid and other backbone frequency synchronization networks;

    · Gansu Power Grid, Zhejiang power grid, State Grid UHV and other provincial backbone networks and major power grid project suppliers;

    · Winning the bid of China Mobile clock synchronization equipment centralized procurement;

    · For the three major operators have provided a provincial synchronous network solutions;

    · To provide a reference clock system for Shijiazhuang metro, Beijing Metro, Tianjin Metro, Qingdao metro, Guiyang metro, Wuhan Metro, Zhengzhou Metro and other rail transit projects;

    · African supplier of modern electrified railway clock system - Addis Ababa Djibouti railway, capital of Ethiopia;

    · Provide high-precision customized time-frequency board and equipment for information equipment to solve the problems of cooperation and integration of time and space;

    Strong time-frequency R & D capability and advance

    · The core team has many years of R & D experience in time-frequency field;

    · Own FPGA timing and timing algorithm to improve the clock timing and timing capability;

    · With the ability of hardware design and software development, it can provide customized solutions;

    · Cooperate with universities and research institutes to develop atomic clock technology and promote the localization of atomic clock technology;

    · Keep up with the industry development, provide IEEE1588 V2 solutions and have multiple industry business cases;

    · Suppliers of time-frequency solutions for more than major projects of the 12th Five Year Plan and the 13th five year plan of the people's Republic of China can provide clock solutions with high accuracy and reliability;

    · Domestic leading clock technology level, perfect and customized network management software have core patents and business cases in high-precision time keeping and timing, large-scale networking and synchronous network management;