The first round of rail transit is on the way! Saisi provides clock system for Liuzhou Metro


Recently, Zhejiang Saisi has provided a clock system for Liuzhou Rail Transit Line 2 in Guangxi, which has contributed to the first round of rail transit construction in Liuzhou.

Liuzhou City China is one belt, one road connecting Southern China and southwest China. It is located in Southern China, China. It is an important railway hub for the southwest and Central South East China and Southern China. As an important node of the "one way and one way" organic convergence portal, Liuzhou's geographical traffic value is increasingly prominent. Imperative urban rail transit construction is also imperative. However, it is difficult to construct the railway because of the special landform environment of karst and karst. From the planning and deployment in September 2015 to the formal construction of line 1 by the end of 2016, after a lot of demonstration and research, the first round of rail transit construction in Liuzhou has finally been completed!

In June 2017, the construction of Liuzhou line 2 was officially started, and the trial operation of the test section is expected in September 2020 according to the plan. Saisi provides and deploys a complete set of clock system equipment, which will provide unified and accurate time service for all information subsystems of Liuzhou line 2, as well as the vast number of passengers and staff, to ensure the safe and orderly operation of the subway.


Schematic diagram of Liuzhou line 2 station effect

The ts8000 provided for Liuzhou line 2 is a high-precision synchronous clock product. Combined with the digital slave clock, the ts8000 is a slave master clock system, which is mainly applied to the units requiring unified time for production and scheduling, such as: Metro, high-speed rail, gymnasium, hospital, large railway station, airport, etc. Ts8000 products can support ieee1588v2 protocol. In rail transit applications, PTP mode is used for the first time to synchronize the time between the primary and secondary master clocks, which improves the overall accuracy of the clock system. It is widely used in the field of high-speed rail, subway and other rail transit.


Ts8000 real picture

In the future, Saisi will continue to forge ahead, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, adhere to social needs, constantly optimize and improve product services, and strive to make more contributions to the country and society.