The outdoor directional expansion of meihuazhou built by Saisi group: demonstrating unity and strugg


On May 23, the group construction activity of Zhejiang Saisi in the first half of 2020 was successfully carried out in meihuazhou, Jiaxing. All Jiaxing employees and their families participated in the activity.


This league building is quite different from the previous activities. Combined with the characteristics of the scenic spot, the activity adopts the group integral system, mainly focusing on outdoor directional expansion activities, supplemented by scenic spot sightseeing, which is very entertaining.

The activity is mainly divided into three parts: outdoor oriented development, dinner DIY and bonfire party.

Outdoor oriented development

At 1:30 p.m., under the guidance of the activity coach, all Saisi members were divided into six groups, and "group culture" such as slogans and battle songs was determined. Then there is the task expansion link. Each group completes various tasks according to the instructions in the task book. Collect wonderful and interesting tasks such as key, behavior art, scenic spot punch in, poetry performance, etc., and integrate the elements such as puzzle solving and reasoning, team cooperation, goal exploration, passer-by interaction, etc. the interactive photo and video taken when you complete the task is just the greatest wealth of this trip.

Dinner DIY


At 5:00 p.m., the task competition was completed, and everyone gathered in the folk culture village earth house to count the results of the war. Then, the coach assigned each group a stove and ingredients. Everyone started to wash dishes, add firewood, cut vegetables and stir fry Busy, the scene becomes very lively.

Bonfire party

It's dark when you have enough to eat and drink. We shifted our positions and held a bonfire party on an empty grassland. We sat around the campfire, laughing and dancing. During this period, the coach organized several interesting games, in which everyone helped and cooperated with each other in the process of the game, enhancing the cohesion and friendship of the team.



Throughout this activity, the themes of team, competition and cooperation run through the whole process, while competition and cooperation are not completely opposite. In the afternoon, when the six teams put together the decryption fragments they obtained, they spelled out the slogan of "leading the time-frequency intelligence to create a precise world together". In the process of competition and team cooperation, the cohesion of Saisi team is enhanced, and the spirit of Saisi people's courage to fight, struggle and dedication is demonstrated.